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Dear Friends in Christ:



It is never too early to begin to plan for shoeboxes filled with gifts for the poor children in Mexico.


Please use a clear plastic shoebox or a gallon ziplock bag. Do not wrap.


          Suggested items to fill boxes:


Soap                      Toys                       School Supplies

Washcloth              Blankets                 Plastic Cup

Toothbrush            Games                   Toothpaste

Brush/comb           Dolls                       Pencils/pens

Coloring books      Jewelry                   Candy

Crayons                Shoes                     Hat or Shirt for older kids

Socks                    Sticker Books         Shampoo

 Please mark boxes as to sex and age.  Example: Boy 4-6; Girl 8-10. 


Things you cannot put in the boxes:  scissors, small knives, manicure sets, toy guns or anything that can be perceived as a weapon.


Helpful Hints to Churches/Groups wanting to pack lots of boxes:

1) Contact Churches that have Food Pantries-sometimes they have out-of-date or close dated candies that can be used.

2) If you contact local Walmarts, sometimes they will donate.

3) Chick- Fil-A and other fast food chains and restaurants will sometimes donate children’s goodies.

4) Dentist offices will sometimes donate toothbrushes, and they also can get toothpaste at a good price.

5) Dollar Stores are great.



The children will get these boxes this year. They are not stored in a warehouse until the next year as some do. Lifeline Ministries will need these boxes before Thanksgiving. Please call to make arrangements for getting the shoeboxes to us. We may be able to pick them up for you.  


We ask for a donation of $1.00 per box or bag to help pay for the trip. If you are interested in participating in the delivery of the shoeboxes to Reynosa, Mexico, or Four Corners, New Mexico, or have questions:  

Contact: Cindy Trulock (H) 229-246-6485, (W) 229-228-5051, (C) 229-400-3598,  Email: lifelineinc3000@yahoo.com.