September  2011



Greetings in the name of Jesus,



I mentioned in our last newsletter that my sister Sandra Griffin and I would be in Reynosa, Mexico by the time you received the letter. What a blessing!!  Pastor Henry and the Virginia group were three days ahead of us.  There were over a dozen people who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  Well… you read this letter, Pastor Daniel and Sister Adamina will be visiting in my home. They intend to stay approximately three weeks (Sept. 3-21). If you would be interested in hosting them in a home gathering or as speakers at your church, please contact us immediately. I am planning a bar-b-que, but can work my date around yours if you contact me immediately.

Sandra and I have been collecting sewing machines for them to take back to Mexico.  Sandra discovered that for every one sewing machine, a mother could stay home with her children and the factories would actually pay her more for her work. Sister Adamina will have actual possession of the machines, but this will allow the mothers to come to the church with their children.  What a blessing and wonderful opportunity to feed these children and share Jesus Christ with them in a Sunday school environment.

As Sandra and I departed for Reynosa, we contacted my cousin Wyley Murray in Pensacola, Florida.  I asked Wyley to be in prayer for us and if he felt led, would he ask some of his prayer partners at the Cokesbury UM Church of Pensacola to purchase 5 lbs. of rice for us to take to Adamina.  Four hours later we entered Pensacola to find 150 lbs. of rice awaiting our arrival!  Praise Jesus. Cokesbury UM Church is on “fire for the Lord!  Sandra and I were privileged and blessed to meet most of the staff and share Lifeline and our efforts.  Wyley is the manager for their Property Facilitators and there is an awful lot of property because this ministry is growing.  Wyley and his wife Jodie were such wonderful hosts and we could feel the love of Christ in their home.

Lifeline is entering our busiest time of the year and our needs are many.  Please pray for us and consider assisting us to accomplish all of the following this year:

1. Shoeboxes (American Indians, Mexico, and Jamaica). We need the boxes in Bainbridge no later than the week     before Thanksgiving. We plan to depart for Mexico right after Thanksgiving. We already have five people committed,     but room for many more. Please contact us.

2. Build a new church in Aqua Prieta. Cost $4500.00

3. Repair a church in Cananea sliding down the hill. Cost $1300.00

4. Build a new church in Santa Clara. Cost $4000.00

5. Build a new Sunday school building in Agiabampo. Cost $4500.00

6. Repair a church roof in Obregon. Cost $2500.00

If for some reason you are not able to physically participate, you can financially assist those who can. I remain


in His service





























































































































































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